A peek in the future with VR


A well known and popular theme park in the Netherlands was looking for a way to look into the future. The goal was to let employees participate in a grand brainstorm session. As a means of introduction and inspiration we created a VR concept in which employees would get a glimpse of what technology lays ahead in the next thirty years. Our concept consisted of an animated diorama of certain futuristic situations. Think of, self driving cars, the internet of things, big data, etc. It was packed with all kinds of cute scenarios fully animated. Employees where invited to the place where it all started for the Efteling, one of their oldest buildings and attractions.

Inside a round table was created like the one of King Arthur. A chair for employees from all kinds of different departments.  The minute they would sit down, they would sit down as equals. Every chair was fitted with it’s own Oculus Rift headset. Together in a multiplayer situation they watched an eight minute diorama. A cross between robot and fairy would lead them through the story.



 Deliverables: Script rewriting | Directing | Design | Story boarding | Coding | Character design | Animation |Sound Design |

Commisioned by: Efteling
 Above a short clip with fragments of the total virtual reality experience. Shots from within the headset are mixed with an over view.  Virtual reality has to be experienced and cannot be shown with a video.