Medical films and animation


We offer our clients a way to make their technology understandable to a bigger audience. Besides explaining science to an audience, a big part is also getting their interest. How can Medical animation be utilized ?

  • Brand identity and awareness
  • Educational purposes, for patients and specialists
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Apps
  • Virtual reality¬†
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Media
  • Press kits
  • 3d printing

We take pride in winning several awards for the medical animations we made in the past.

Nucleus and proteosome in the background created for a 3d medical animation
3d rendering of a connectome

Watch our medical animation reel

Who can benefit from using medical animations?

Most of our clients are specialists in the field of biotechnology or medical research. They can use our help to obtain a birds eye perspective on the complex matter they work on every working day. Complex mechanism of actions become a lot clearer when layed out clearly.

Nowadays more and more 3d content is being used in marketing. We can guide our clients in using 3d content efficiently. Obviously content created for animations can also be used in illustrations or for 3d printing. Created 3d assets can be used in virtual reality films. There are many possibilities.
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A variation of the connectome in a glass brain
A needle going into embryo
Visualisation of a macrophage attacing a bacteria

In the past we created animations for the following companies which are active in the biotech, healthcare and/or pharmaceutical industry.