How do we work

When we work with clients, there are several phases we go through.

pre-production | production | post-production

Ambition and expectations

Every project starts with a meeting, where we listen thoroughly to get a good view of our client’s needs and expectations. Sometimes suggest alternative options for their communication needs. We’ll proceed to the next phase when the client decides we are the appropriate party to do their project.

Pre-Production phase

We start this phase by reviewing all source materials we received. If necessary, we dive into various related scientific papers or interview specialists in this field to get a good feel of all essential aspects of the story we want to tell. When we reach a certain confidence level, we start writing the first draft of a script. After going back and forth a view times with our client, we arrived at the finalized script. We can now continue to create a storyboard. A storyboard will be the first visual representation of the final film. When we create an illustration, alternatively, a draft sketch is created instead of a storyboard.

Production phase

Once we have established the storyboard, we start the production phase. All essential elements like cells or medical equipment will be created in 3D. We will lay out all scenes and animate all elements.

Often software simulations are needed to visualize complex processes. We use software like SideFX Houdini, which is renowned for the special effects made in Hollywood.

We keep our clients updated with the progress made to see if it still meets their expectations at all times. For example, as early as possible, we’ll create an animatic ( moving storyboard ) to give a good impression of the length and rhythm of a film. We finetune the animatic until it meets our goals set at the beginning of the project.

A graphic designer will create design a graphical solid overlay. A title treatment is often an essential part of a medical film.

Voice Over

In parallel with the visual work, we select a voiceover. Finding the right tone of voice is significant and necessary to reach the right audience.

At all times, we’ll keep our clients in the loop and give them several opportunities to adjust the project in the direction they see fit.


Finally, we’ll color grade the final animations to enhance every mood of every film. At this point, the visual part of the film or illustrations is completed. There are still enhancements to be made. We’ll create a beautiful sound design, which lifts the impact of a movie even more. At last, we’ll generate the deliverables fitting our client’s needs. We create several versions suitable for online ( Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) or broadcast.

When story, art, and music come together, it produces a visceral effect in the brain and leaves an audience with the ultimate impression.