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Glow Studio is a story-driven animation company. We create compelling, creative visual stories. We strive to create something special and memorable for all of our customers. We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

From our studio in Amsterdam, we work with many international clients.  Together with a pool of partners and freelancers, we are able to create stunning films which fulfill our client’s goals. We have a no-nonsense attitude but take our work very seriously.  We take pride in being able to scale our teams in ways that serve the project in the best way. We enjoy our work very much and we think it shows. Decide for yourself.

Contact us: 020 6239217 or email us at: info@glow-animatiestudio.nl

Maria Austriastraat 86, 1087CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 6239217
+31 (0)6 52067276
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