Telling stories with 3D Animation

We offer a full service solution. We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

Watch our medical animation reel
From script to animation We conceptualize, write scripts and deliver them as final product. Voice over, music, sound design will be arranged when needed. Watch our general animation reel 3D Medical animation We are experienced in creating scientific films and work with partners knowledgeable in the fields of biotechnology and medicine . Watch our medical animation reel Creative Studio from Amsterdam

We help clients create their narrative and use them to create beautifull media. Think animation, vr, games, etc.

Watch our general animation reel


We created a film to visualize the philosophies of “Pact voor Kindcentra”.

Nucleus and proteosome in the background created for a 3d medical animation
3d medical animation project

Excerpta Medica | Celgene

We created an 3d medical animation which showed the mechanism of actions of three medicine which work together against Myelonal cells.


Medical films and animation

Learn more about the usage of medical animations.


Meaningful human control


We created a film about the new responsibilities which arise for the  user of autonomous vehicles.

CBR and the technical university of Delft
A disection to show the light being refracted by the cornea used in a 3d medical animation for Procornea
3d medical animation project

Procornea | What is Ortho-K

An explanation animation about the correcting Ortho-K lenses of Procornea.

virtual reality project

A glimpse into the future

We already created our first virtual reality project in 2017.  See how King Arthur and the knights of the round table  inspired us.

3d medical animation project

Go beyond blood byopsy

Sysmex | Norvell Jefferson

We created a fully animated film where we explain Sysmex’s Flow Cytometry technique without dialog.

A protein created by a cell
3d medical animation project

The process of creating proteins | Genzyme

An 3d explanimation film about creating proteins to help against rare diseases.

3d medical animation project

From Molecule to Medicine

Norvell Jefferson | Johnson & Johnson

We created the award winning animations for this film, which shows the how much goes into developing a drug.

medische films op cel niveau

Smilegummi’s are conquering the Netherlands

Inzicht | Storck

We ere commissioned by Inzicht to create a dutch sales teaser for Smilegummi.


John D. Rockefeller

World’s first usage of PR

A caricature study of John D. Rockefeller



A laboratory full of surprises.

3d medical animation project

Our immune system | Pfizer

An 3d animated film, whch shows our immune system.


Gametrailers | EIS

We directed and  produced this this game trailer of an adventurer  seeking treasures on Easter Island.


Sprezzatura | EIS

Another game trailer which we created for EIS. A story about a chef and his battle against a rebellion mob of ingredients.