Meaningful Human Control

Self-driving cars are the future, though introducing them on our roads may not be as straight forward as you might think. Who is responsible when a self-driving car makes a mistake. Regulators need to make sure every one takes their responsibility seriously. CBR and TU Delft and NWO asked us to create a lighthearted film about these talking-points. We helped them visualize their story.
We created a light-hearted animation about the key-factors of autonomous design. “Meaningful Human Control” is the key-factor in this. A 3d design with gender neutral characters makes it easy to read and reduces potential noise in the message.
We were a bit inspired by old fashioned cartoons. The jazzy music helps giving it a classic “Pink Panther” feel to. Lots of sound effects were used to give it all a lively feeling.
 Deliverables Script rewriting | Directing | Design | Storyboarding | Character design |  Animation |Sound Design |
Commisioned by: TUDelft, NWO and CBR